Here at Kimchi’s Korner we are pleased to announce that for the month of May we have partnered with Mars

(known for their CESAR®, IAMS® and PEDIGREE® brands) to help educate puppy parents on the importance of

healthy diets and to offer our friends an exciting contest.

As many of you know, Kimchi has graced our household with her presence for close to two years now.

And as much as we’ve done our very best to educate ourselves on Kimchi’s needs, we continue to learn new things

every day that can help improve her quality of life.

It’s a statistical fact that 60% of dogs in Canadian households are considered a small dog.

With our cities expanding and urban culture growing here in the Greater Toronto Area,

more and more Canadians are choosing to own small dogs, with many prospective dog owners

opting for pets in the 35lb and under weight class.

What we don’t always realize is that small dogs have very unique needs and very few pet parents are aware of them.

Smaller dogs reach maturity earlier, tend to be fussy eaters and they also require more energy (pound for pound) than a large dog.

As responsible pet parents, we should be looking for food that is designed and developed to meet those needs.

Brands such as CESAR®, IAMS® and PEDIGREE® all offer specialized recipes for small dogs.

We decided it was time to switch up Kimchi’s diet and focus on a food that was designed specifically

to meet her needs, IAMS® Proactive Health – Small & Toy breed and CESAR® Home Delights. Like any diva worth her weight in gold,

Kimchi can be a very picky eater and tends to play with her food rather than being enticed to eat it.

Much to our surprise, Kimchi found her new options very appetizing, as well as effortless to chew.

In the past, Kimchi had been fed kibble that seemed to have been designed for larger breeds, which meant larger pieces of kibble

that was difficult for her to chew. We were pleasantly surprised when we noticed that IAMS® kibble was sized for the needs of

small dogs and that their enticing flavours of CESAR® wet food (which can be mixed with kibble) were a huge hit.

Even better, we noticed that they helped keep Kimchi’s teeth nice and clean.


Now for the most exciting part! Kimchi and Mars are giving away a prize pack to one of our lucky followers!

So what do you need to do?

-Ensure that you are following @Kimchithecorgi

-Post a photo of the prize pack below

-Tag @Kimchithecorgi , #SpringForSmallDogs & #KimchiTheCorgi

-Tag THREE friends in your post (don’t forget to share the love)

Contest ends - Monday May 23 - 5pm EST

 One lucky winner will receive:

This super awesome prize pack! :)



(Prize Pack Inclusions)  **Kimchi not included**

 The Food: For optimum health, small dogs should be fed food developed for them, like recipes from Cesar®, IAMS® and PEDIGREE®.

Small dogs need dry food designed to be easy to pick up and easy to chew and wet food that tastes good.

 The Bowl: When you feed your small dog, make sure the size of the bowl matches the size of your dog and consider your dog's physical attributes too.

And don’t forget to always have a dedicated water bowl that’s the right size and full of water to keep your small dog hydrated all day long.

 Poncho: In the spring and summer, your dog will likely want to play outside more, but it can be wet and rainy.

To keep them warm and dry, a dog poncho is the perfect accessory. If they do get a bit wet, use a microfiber towel just for them to dry them off.

 The Water Bottle: Don’t forget to your dog hydrated on the go in the heat;

use the handi-drink pet waterer which includes a sport belt clip to attach to your travel bag.

 Toys: When you play with your small dog, it’s important their toys match their size.

This toy launcher for small dogs provides a no slobber game of fetch with hands-free ball pick up and the mini balls are just right for your small dog’s mouth.

 Treats: After playtime, treats are important but the size and way you give them is important too.

This treat toy features an adjustable opening to allow you to stuff treats/kibble inside and helps turn potentially destructive chewing behaviour into positive playtime.


Good luck!

xoxo Kimchi